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About City81

About City81

City81 is an established software company with a wealth of experience in many sectors including the public sector (DVLA, Met Office), financial institutions and digital agencies.

City81 aim to provide software design and development solutions that not only meet client's requirements but are designed, developed and delivered in such a way that it allows the client flexibility in enhancing the delivered solution post implementation.

City81 are well versed in the Agile approach (e.g. Scrum, Kanban) to software delivery and will develop and test software in an iterative and incremental way working closely with other aspects of the team like QA and UX. Where possible and if required we will train other members of a development team and share best practices so the software delivered can be maintained and enhanced once the contract has concluded.

City81 are keen contributors to open source projects and having worked on GDS exemplars appreciate the need for code to be open, transparent and reusable.

City81 will design, develop and deliver software services by using the Scala and/or Java programming languages. These languages will be used in conjunction with tools that enable us to build highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient applications on the JVM like Akka. Other tools like Spray and Dropwizard will be utilized to expose RESTful and/or SOAP web services should the solution require it.

Latest news

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