Event schedule

September 7

Day 1
Registration & Arrival Refreshments
Welcome to Swansea
Opening Keynote
  • Sandro Mancuso Codurance

Mid Morning Refreshments
What Is Continuous Inspection, Anyway?
  • Jason Gorman Codemanship

Exploring alternatives to software estimation with #NoEstimates
  • Stuart Arthur Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Understanding Craftsmanship
  • Marcello Duarte Inviqa Ltd (UK)

Level Up Your Tests
  • Trisha Gee Jetbrains

Taking back BDD
  • Konstantin Kudryashov Inviqa Ltd (UK)

Surrender the illusion of control
  • Steve Tooke Independent Consultant

Afternoon Refreshments
Use your type system; write less code
  • Samir Talwar Codurance

Scala in GOV.UK Digital Services
  • Chris Cundill Kainos

Spreadsheets are Code
  • Felienne Hermans Infotron

How to use Theory of Constraints to scale big agile development teams?
  • Jiri Knesl SprintMasters

Panel Discussion
Evening Reception

September 8

Day 2
Arrival Refreshments
Software architecture vs code
  • Simon Brown Independent Consultant

Tell, don't ask
  • Thomas Sundberg Independent Consultant

Software craftsmen need to stop coding so much
  • Christopher Batey DataStax

The differences between US and European startups from a technical leadership point-of-view.
  • Janos Feher Intern Avenue

Mid Morning Refreshments
Usable Software Design
  • Alexandru Bolboaca Mozaic Works

Lean UX and Agile development taking the Public sector to new levels
  • Clifton Green Valtech

  • Kevin Murray Valtech

Managing global teams : Lessons learned
  • Patroklos Papapetrou

Treat your Code as a Crime Scene
  • Adam Tornhill Consultant

Refactoring mount doom: the story of a story
  • Erik Talboom Co-Learning

  • Franzi Sauerwein Codurance

Common mistakes in TDD – can you guess?
  • Christos Matskas Software Lounge

Bringing Agile Concepts to Operations
  • Peter Souter Puppetlabs

Legacy Code is Fear
  • Adrian Bolboaca Mozaic Works

Afternoon Refreshments
It doesn't work that way in enterprise
  • Pete Smith Equal Experts

Designing and building a micro-services architecture. Stairway to heaven or a highway to hell?
  • Sander Hoogendoorn Independent Consultant

Closing Keynote
  • Rachel Davies Unruly